Wednesday, 18 August 2010

More Birthday Thank Yous!

Well, I arrived home today, to be greeted by a lovely pile of envelopes...and inside were more gorgeous birthday cards and goodies! :0)

So...I would like to say thank you to:

From my lovely Just Cute Bears DT Buddies Sonia & Cathy.

From Sue.

From Samantha & Sue.

From Kaz (aren't those little notelets just adorbale!?)

Thank you all helped make my birthday really special! :0)


Lisa said...

Hi Helen, How lovely to have these gorgeous cards waiting patiently to be opened.

Lisa x

Kaz said...

Your very welcome!
Thanks for the blogging tips you left me. I've been meaning to ask how you do those neat link so many thanks!
Kaz xx

Sonia said...

Aww i'm just so glad it turned up Helen :) Hugs Sonia xx