Wednesday, 11 August 2010

From my lovely crafty friends :0)

This is my second post today...please scroll down for my ABC Christmas Challenge DT card.


Here are the lovely birthday cards I received from my crafty friends:

From my lovely Secret Crafter DT buddies Mel & Jane.

From Angi & Pauline.

From Uma & Squirrel.

And from my lovely ABC Christmas DT buddy Lols.

Thanks girls...they are are absolutely gorgeous! And many thanks for all of the lovely little gifts too...I can't wait to have a play with all my new goodies...but I can see that I need to spend some time with some EZ Mount first! lol

If you sent me a card and it's not here...don't worry...I'm not at home at the moment (I'm at my parents house in Norfolk) it may just be that it arrived after I left London...and will be waiting for me on my return next which case I'll say another thank you then :0)


Lisa said...

Hi Helen, Gorgeous cards and goodies! I bet you can't wait to ink up your new stamps. I keep meaning to ask you, whereabouts in Norfolk do your parents live? I live in Dereham. Hope you don't mind me asking.

Lisa x

Pauline C said...

ooh Helen you'rewelcome and glad to see you got such lovely cards and prezzies :-) Look forward to seeing your creations!

Uma said...

lovely cards and prezzies, I like the mermaid one the best :o)