Friday, 2 September 2011

Vegan Cake Recipes?

Hello everyone...I don't have a card to share today...I've been busy working on music arrangements for the term ahead...and baking:

Vegan Chocolate and Coffee & Walnut Cupcakes

The evening class I teach is rather partial to a party...we have one after each end of term concert, and a few 'musical soirees' over the summer holiday, where we meet at various class members' some of our favourite pieces of music, then feast on delicious food...what could be better? We all contribute to the feast, and it's become a tradition that I bake cakes...the cupcakes above are what I took to our gathering last night (obviously there were lots you get the idea). on to the purpose of this of the members has recently become vegan...which obviously poses a problem when it comes to baking cakes! I have discovered a few good recipes so far...the chocolate cupcakes pictured above are particularly good...but I had a disaster with my first batch of the coffee cupcakes...they rose magnificently for the first 20 mins of cooking time, but when I opened the oven door 5 mins later...they were mere craters! Thankfully, after some more searching, I found another recipe which worked much better! So, I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations for good vegan baking recipe books, or websites so that I can expand my repertiore???

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Sandra said...

Wow these are stunning looking although l'd rather be eating them then looking!thank you for sharing this:) Sandra H