Sunday, 4 January 2009

A 'Fabulous' Award!

My lovely friend Pauline has given me this terribly chic award:

Thank you Pauline!

The rules are: that I must pass it on to five people; and list five things that I am addicted to.

Ok, so here are my addictions:
1. Crafting...well, that kind of goes without saying!
2. Penny Black rubber stamps...though you probably knew that already!
3. Pretty papers, ribbons, flowers...well, everything, really!
4. Blog's been fab having the time to do so many this week!
5. Blog-hopping...I love checking out what all my bloggy buddies have been up to!

Now for the tough bit...I always find it hard to choose just a few people to pass awards on to, but as I have to choose just five people, I'm nominating:


Thanks girls, for the inspiration you provide!


Shary said...

Thank you Helen, I appreciate you passing on the award. x Happy new year.

Tara said...

Lovely of you Helen, thanks so much! xx