Saturday, 8 November 2008

I've been tagged!

I got tagged earlier this week by Lyndsey, but everything has been a bit manic this week, so I haven't had time to think about my answers 'til now. Here goes:

Things I love:
1. Crafting!
2. Blog-hopping and gaining inspiration from all of your wonderful blogs
3. Cooking (especially baking...)
4. Eating (when once you've gone to all the trouble of would be rude not to!)
5. Reading

Things I hate:
1. Wet and windy weather (that's why I'm indoors now!)
2. Lateness (why can't people be on time???)
3. Selfishness (it doesn't cost anyone to be considerate of others...)
4. Ice cream (I know, I know...)
5. Not having enough time to craft!

Music on my ipod (there's over 1500 songs, but these have had the most playings):
1. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
2. James Morrison - Under the Influence
3. Foo Fighters - Home
4. The Killers - Somebody Told Me
5. Greenday - When September Ends

Favourite Food & Drink (now this was tough to choose!):
1. Chocolate Brownies (yum!)
2. Veggie Curry (Indian or Thai)
3. Red Wine
4. Fruit (of any kind...just can't get enough!)
5. Freshly baked bread

Right, now I have to tag 5 people...I'm choosing: Cathy, Tracie, Natalie, Pauline and Jo - sorry girls!

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NGCARDS said...

Thank you for tagging me =P Im afraid I already did this onelast Sunday so I cant possible do it again =P hehe xxx