Saturday, 8 November 2008

Another Award!

I've just been given another award, this time the 'I Love Your Blog' Award, by the lovely Erin - thank you!

The rule is, that I must pass this award on to 7 people...not easy to choose, as there are so many blogs I love to visit...although lots of you obviously love them too, as most of my favourites already have this award! My nominees are: Sharon, Lyndsey, Tracie, Katy, Kim, Kerry and Shary.


Shary said...

Thank you Helen for the award. :0)

Sharon said...

Thank you so much Helen. I have passed the award on.

katy said...

Aha.... got here at last, this computer has a mind of it's own!! Thank you so much Helen for both of the awards you've so kindly given me the last few days, i really do appreciate it, enjoy your weekend xx

tracie said...

Hi Helen, congrats on your award hun and thank you so much for thinking of little old me, lol
Have a great weekend
hugs :)x

Kim said...

Oh thank you Helen for the lovely award. Kim