Saturday, 31 December 2016

Favourite Five Cards of 2016

Today I'm sharing my favourite five cards of 2016...I always thought that I was a patterned paper fiend...but there's not a scrap to be seen of any of my picks! As with my favourite five Christmas cards post, I've linked to the original post for each of these cards, so you can click through for any more detail should you want.

Floating By
This one was made for a very good friend of mine...I just love the bright & cheerful colours!

Blast Off!
This one was actually made for the daughter of the recipient of my first took me absolutely ages, but I love how it turned out.

Butterfly Birthday
I was bound to like this was made for the PBSC where we were challenged to use our favourite technique, so there are lots of my favourites all on one card!

Balloon Trios
These were actually really quick to make...I discovered 'ink smooshing' this year, and it's featured on quite a few cards, but I chose this one because I like the 'doodly' sentiment and strings.

This card copies a technique I used on a card that featured in my 2013 favourites of making a lollipop out of Baker's twine...I used pastel twine this time, and love the way the colours look against the kraft card.


Squirrel x said...

All fabulous! I love how different each is, and yet crammed full of fun, character and interest. Awesome cards and thanks for sharing them. Hugs xx

lauren bergold said...

i discovered ink smooshing, too, but now i see there are loads of ways to use it that i hadn't thought of yet!!! absolutely loving your faves! :)